Professional Learning (CPD)

opportunities for sharing and developing pedagogy and practice

Reading Our World CPD Day Course (Photo: Lifeworlds/Rosie Wilson)

Take some time out for your own learning 
Good CPD offers a chance to reconnect with why you came into teaching, to inspire and energise you to take on new challenges, or to support you to explore your pedagogy and practice. We know that learning is best when you are free from the distractions and events of the everyday school environment. Springhead offers the perfect venue to escape those routines and immerse yourself in learning with fellow professionals.
Our courses
Our CPD portfolio is currently being revised as we develop courses to meet emerging challenges or in response to particular requests. As Learn with Springhead evolves we intend to increase the range of courses available as well as continue to offer our most popular and in-demand day courses:
Professional learning to suit everyone
​​​​​​​Our CPD is built around relational, participatory and experiential principles and these are best delivered in person over the course of a full day. We know that this is not always possible however and so we are currently developing alternative formats to make our learning as accessible as possible.  These are introduced briefly below.  ​​​​​​​
CPD Day Course
Day courses typically start at 9.15am (arrival from 8.30am) and finish at 4.00pm.  Refreshments are provided with regular breaks and a light lunch is provided with dietary needs discussed in advance. There is an optional tour of the Springhead site.
CPD Half Day/Twilight (coming for 2023-24)
Half day courses normally begin at 1.15pm (arrive from 12.15 for light lunch) and finish at around 4.30pm. Refreshments are provided and there is an optional tour of Springhead site. Twilight courses run from 3.45pm - 6.00pm with refreshments and the all important cake on arrival.
CPD Online (web-based) course (coming for 2023-24)
Online courses follow similar timings to our day and half-day day courses and include screen-break intervals for self-led learning. Informal networking space is offered within each session to ensure you don't miss out on networking opportunities and tea-break conversations.
Flexi-Learn (Blended CPD) (coming for 2023-24)
Flexi-Learn was introduced during Covid to enable people to enjoy the benefits of face to face learning (where possible) with the convenience of online learning. With current pressures on costs and staff-release for CPD we continue to offer some courses as a Flexi-Learn option with a mixture of day, half-day and online formats.
CPD Professional Pathway (coming for 2023-24)
Some of our CPD is offered as a Professional Pathway meaning there are several inputs over a longer time-period (typically over a school year for example). These may combine in-person and online inputs and include day, half-day and shorter sessions. 
Residential/study visit CPD (coming for 2023-24)
Occasionally we put on special residential CPD courses or longer study visit courses that combine a residential element and visits to learn from others and your fellow participants.  These are normally focussed on particular issues that might be of personal interest or on a 'deep dive' into areas of pedagogy and practice with like-minded participants. 
CPD Mentoring programmes (coming for 2023-24)
Our team also offer 1:1 mentoring programmes enabling them to work closely and directly with you on a particular CPD issue or focus for a period of time. These typically involve five sessions within a negotiated timescale and delivery format.  
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