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the people and stories behind Learn with Springhead...

A collaborative initiative 
Learn with Springhead is an initiative of The Springhead Trust, based in Dorset, and Lifeworlds Learning, based in Staffordshire.
The idea emerged from a collaborative exploration (2020-22) to develop learning opportunities centred around, and inspired by, the Springhead site in rural Dorset.  Set within a stunning landscape and with a history dating back to the Domesday Charter, the custodians of Springhead have been using their site to promote connections with nature, education, and the sustainable stewardship of natural resources since 1973. 
To mark 50 years of innovation, learning and inspiration, Springhead and Lifeworlds are expanding their collaboration to reimagine the sorts of learning that will help future generations to thrive amidst the uncertainties and challenges of the next 50 years... 
Who are we?
Learn with Springhead is nothing without its people.  The team is made up of six core practitioners who together bring a wide array of experience to share and expand upon.  Meet the team and what they bring to Learn with Springhead here
How are we structured?
In October 2022, the trustees of The Springhead Trust and the co-directors of Lifeworlds Learning CIC, agreed to launch Learn with Springhead.
Learn with Springhead is a project that is co-ordinated by Lifeworlds in collaboration with Springhead.  It is administered jointly with responsibilities and roles shared between the two organisations and co-ordinated by Lifeworlds' lead practitioner and strategic director, Rob Bowden.  On-site responsibilities continue to be managed by employees of The Springhead Trust in close consultation with Lifeworlds.
​​​​​​​Lifeworlds is a Community Interest Company (CIC) formed in 2008 and registered in England and Wales (Company Registration Number 7370056).
The Springhead Trust is a small charity (Charity Registration Number: 1112083) that was founded in 1973 and is also registered as a company in England and Wales (Company Registration Number: 5370640)​​​​​​​
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